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Natural Horse NZ Slow Feeder Haynets

Slow-feed hay nets are a great addition to your domestic horse's health. They encourage horses to eat as nature intended, which has several health benefits, including reducing the risk of colic, laminitis, and ulcers. They also address the emotional need of horses to trickle feed throughout the day. Using slow-feed hay nets saves owners around 46% more hay than using a bigger holed net or bag, or feeding the hay on the floor. It also saves much time. We highly recommend using slow-feed hay nets for the health and well-being of your horses.

Hole Size Guide:
4cm Holes-Standard Size:This is the standard size that we recommend for use with most horses
3cm Holes-Small Size: Suitable for horses who are used to using the 4cm hole size slow feed hay nets or for those needing stricter weight management, or who are prone to metabolic issues such as laminitis, EMS, Cushing's, PSSM etc...
2cm Holes-Extra Small : These are only suitable for smaller horses such as miniatures and small ponies or for horses who have successfully mastered using the 3cm slow feeders-These are not recommended for most horses  who can get frustrated by the tiny holes

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