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How To Make A Quick and Easy Horse Hoof Bath

A daily dip in a hoof bath can help tremendously with hoof health, as it puts moisture back into the hoof, which prevents cracking and allows for more we thought we would add a quick lesson on how to make a quick and easy (and cheap) hoof bath for paddock use.......


You will need the following:

1-4 half rounds of wood, which should be large enough to get your horse's feet in at least 2 at a time as shown, though being able to stand your whole horse in it is better and less time-consuming- these 4 pieces need to be all nailed or screwed together at the corners like a big picture frame -hiding the hardware well within the wood for safety and strength.

2-An old carpet, or you can buy a padded moving blanket from a DIY store such as Bunnings or Mitre 10, etc...they are about $20, and use this to drape over the whole construction as to pad it and prevent punctures once the membrane is fitted

3-A water proof sheet, such as an old kids swimming pool, as shown here, or a pond liner, or pool liner, or even a couple of layers of thick polythene -this should be nailed on the underside to secure the carpet or blanket, taking great care to use short nails or screws that will not stick out of the wood.


Once it's built, in around an hour, fill with water next to a fence, and that way you can lean it onto the fence when you want to drain it...with a quick rinse down from a bucket of water to keep it clean.

You can add apple cider vinegar or iodine to the water to treat hoof conditions such as thrush or abscesses, etc...., or Epsom salts to soothe your horse's feet, but please don't leave the water unattended as the horse could drink it and make himself ill.

And away you go to better hoof health for your horses.

The photo shows Gandalf enjoying his foot bath whilst getting a cuddle from my little girl when she was just a toddler.

horse hoof bath
Tubbease Hoof Soaking Boot
Alternatively, you can also use soaking boots -available here.
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