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For those struggling to float a horse, this training approach can help improve bravery in small spaces and facilitate float training without a float.


What do you need: 2 OLD LARGE TRACTOR TYRES, a shovel, and about an hour's hard work digging.

Cost: approx $5-10 for each tyre from a tyre dealer or farmer, etc

TO MAKE IT: Just dig two slots in firm ground and insert tractor tyres upright like they were still on the tractor-pack firmly with the spare soil-there should be enough room between them for a horse to fit through as shown.


PLAYTIME WITH TYRES: Once they are in place, PLEASE DO NOT FORCE YOUR HORSE STRAIGHT THROUGH THEM as this defeats the object of the game, which is to build his confidence in you and increase his ability to tolerate small spaces, as well as teach him to move his feet within a confined space to help him balance in a vehicle.


DO NOT LEAD YOUR HORSE THROUGH THE TYRES as again defeats the object- you need to send him on his own gradually between this small space for this exercise to work.


We need to build up to going through these gradually, so you should take your horse to the tyres for a look and perhaps a sniff-the moment his behaviour changes towards them, take him for example, if his head cocks to a side or he raises his head etc...all signs of worry-then you MUST take him away immediately to keep his confidence in tack.


Approach and Retreat is a technique that works with a horse's natural instincts. By showing that you care about the horse's needs more than your goals, you build a strong bond of trust. The horse becomes more confident and willing to try harder for you.


During each visit to the mock up horse trailer tyres gradually introduce new exercises. First, help your horse accept being squeezed between the narrow space. Then, move on to exercises like stopping between the tyres, moving left or right, backing up or going sideways. These exercises will help your horse understand balance within the trailer and build trust with you.


Check out some of our horses in the tyres:


In the first photo, Max shows Otto how it is done....Max was once terrified of these tyres and now is not bothered by them as you can see


2nd photo -Gandalf shows off galloping through them as he has been wholly desensitised to them with practice and floats beautifully due to this exercise, too


Photo 3: Trooper looking relaxed and happy to be squeezed between the Tyres

We really hope these training ideas will help your horse feel more comfortable with loading. With a little bit of practice, you two will be on the road in no time!

max otto float tractor tyres
gandalf runs through tyres
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