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Steaming hay can benefit horses with allergies and breathing issues by killing moulds and reducing dust. Our homemade hay steamer is still going strong after 7+ years.

It was easy to make and within a couple of hours, it was working well to make lovely fresh steamed hay-which all of our horses love too

You just need about 1.2m of smaller white plastic plumbing pipe to cut up and join in an H pattern at the bottom of a wheelie bin, with some small holes for the steam drilled into them, joined through the side of the bin to a wallpaper steamer, and you are good to go, with your own homemade steamer made for a small fraction of the price of what is charged to buy a professional steamer, yet the results were just as good.....our model takes 3 of our medium slow-feeder haynets with between a 1/3-1/2 of a conventional hay bale in each.

Please see HERE for our slow feeder nets:

We have attached an online video showing you how to make one....the only extra I would add is not to worry about whether the lid is tight sealing as we found it to be ok for it to be slightly loose as it stops pressure building, and to use a cheap socket timer as to prevent your steamer from burning out as it's super easy to forget about it when you're busy with horses....also around 45 mins is the ideal time amount required to steam.

PS-We also added an old BBQ wire grill on top of the H pattern of pipes to protect them and give a shelf for the hay to sit on.


Happy Steaming

horse hay steamer
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