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Why Trying To Be More Natural Really Helps The Horse. 

Happy, Healthy Horses From Natural Horse Keeping

You are probably reading this because you have a horse. Like the rest of us domestic horse owners, you probably don't have the luxury of being able to offer them hundreds of acres of natural habitat to browse and free roam on.


Therefore, the reality for most of us with horses usually means having our beloved equines living on a paddock grazing a few different types of farming grasses, mostly ranging between 2 and 20 acres, with perhaps a rug on for when the weather turns cold or wet. Maybe your horse or pony lives with or near other animals for company, and they might have access to a stable or shelter, with you feeding out some hay and a hard feed to them daily.

All of these approaches to horses can work well, and we applaud you for all your efforts to keep your horses happy, as we know how costly this can be and how much hard work and effort is involved when caring for horses in all weather and conditions. 


However, what if making a few minor tweaks to your current approach could take your horse's happiness to the next level, with improved confidence in you that would pay off in everything you did with them? What if a few easy changes could also help to improve and even heal any ailments they have been suffering with and provide a higher level of health too, that allowed them to live a longer and healthier life that would let them enjoy their lives to the full? With much less chance of them developing colic or laminitis, having healthy and robust hooves, with a spring in their step at life, and happily meeting you at the gate ready to go out on your next adventures together.

This is precisely what we are all about here at Natural Horse NZ.

It has been due to our dedication and commitment to helping horses through running our horse rescue centre for the last twenty years, which has allowed us into a privileged position of working with thousands of different horses, ponies, donkeys and miniatures, of all types and sizes, both through our sanctuary, as well as those in the community, from all over the world. Every equine we have had the pleasure of helping to show us that when we meet the horse's needs by providing them with a more species-appropriate lifestyle, that makes for a happier and healthier horse. 

Why? Because a horse is a horse and has evolved to live and eat in a certain way, and when we try to copy that within our domestic situation, it fits in much better with their innate behaviours and physical needs, making for a higher level of health and a more content and emotionally confident equine friend, created by working with nature.

In keeping with that whole natural horse philosophy and approach, you will find lots of articles spread throughout our website offering alternative methods to horse care, such as for horses being barefoot, eating a more natural diet, with 24/7 turnout, and less farming grasses in their diets, and the recommendations to avoid highly processed feeds and more.

We sincerely hope this information will help you achieve a happier and more natural balance for your horse.

Happy Horsing from the Natural Horse NZ Team

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