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About our Horsemanship Ropes
Equi-Rope© by Natural Horse NZ
We designed our unique Equi-Rope range of horsemanship items to provide handlers and riders with a high-quality, soft rope to use with their horses, ponies and donkeys. Our rope offers a great "live feel" and is also hard-wearing for longevity.
Equi-Rope is made from a blend of cotton and polypropylene for strength and durability. The rope is pre-softened during production, which ensures that it is gentle enough for horse use without compromising on strength. Equi-Rope has a soft outer core that is resistant to UV, mould, and mildew and repels dirt. The outer layer of the rope slides smoothly in your hand, allowing for a fast release with minimal risk of rope burn. The inner core of the rope is filled with a soft and pliable inner rope core, making the lines feel fluid and comfortable to hold. These features come together to provide an exceptional feel and comfort for you and your equine companions.

Equi-Rope is gentle enough to feel good in your hands and on your horse's face or body, and it is built to last for many years to come.
the best horse ropes

The horse's comfort is our priority, so we do pay a lot more to buy our rope than many others in the industry, but we know it is the correct gear for success with horses, and that is what's important to us. Our team have used many professional clinicians' ropes in our own horsemanship journey over the years and through much research, we can highly recommend our specialist's high-quality Equi-Rope, because it simply is the best option. 

In addition to using high-quality material, all of our rope tack is created by highly skilled Ropesmiths, with 20+ years of experience. Considering these factors, we guarantee that you will not find better rope or workmanship than this anywhere in the world, with all our workmanship and products being fully guaranteed!

ROPE CARE: It's important to care for your ropes to ensure longevity. Regularly rinsing off any dirt from your ropes using a hose or clean cool water is recommended, followed by allowing them to drip dry. If you choose to wash your ropes in a washing machine, please only wash on a delicate cycle in a sock bag or pillowcase to prevent any damage. Do not tumble dry the ropes or use any harsh chemicals on them, as it could cause damage and void your warranty. Please note that the warranty does not cover general wear and tear.

Equi-Rope/equirope, equi-rope and Equi-rope are all ©copyright-protected terms belonging to Natural Horse NZ / Natural Rider Designs NZ when used in association with horsemanship rope tack items. ©2007-2024

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