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Our centre is home to a horse sanctuary where we offer long-term care for a herd of special needs horses. These animals have come to us with various medical and behavioural issues, many of which stem from past trauma or emotional damage inflicted by humans.

Through our experiences helping countless horses, we have learned that negative behaviours are often a way for equines to communicate their need for assistance. We've discovered that these behaviours can be caused by various factors, such as trauma, illness, or hormone imbalances, as well as exposure to mycotoxins in pastures and hay and other dietary and environmental issues that we refer to as "grass affectedness."


Our goal is to address these underlying factors and improve the horses' living conditions so they can lead happy and healthy lives.


We welcome all horse lovers to our platform, where we are committed to providing valuable insights and practical tips on horse care in New Zealand's unique conditions.


Our content covers a diverse array of subjects related to equine care and management. This includes in-depth discussions on horse behaviour, the impact of grazing on their health, and hoof care techniques, as well as insights into diet, training, and problem-solving.


Additionally, we delve into issues such as grass-related concerns, mycotoxins, and ulcers, offering comprehensive information to ensure the well-being of our equine companions.

Feel free to explore our website and discover the comprehensive resources that can assist you in providing optimal care for your equine companion.


Our online Saddlery Shop based in New Zealand offers a range of equipment and tack that is non-invasive and horse-friendly. Our products are handcrafted in our workshops, and we take pride in offering quality horsemanship items. Our selection includes Rope Halters, Bitless Bridles, Carrot Sticks, 8, 10, 12 & and 14FT Lead Ropes, Rope Reins, 22FT Lines, Hackamores, Treeless Saddles, Saddle Pads, Neck Straps, Bosals, Mecates, Hoof Boots, Barefoot Trimming Tools, and Slow Feed Haynets. We also provide homoeopathic remedies and our Natural Horse Equine Supplements.


Our team of Ropesmiths are highly skilled in creating personalized rope products and delivering exceptional repair services. You can rely on us to produce top-notch work that precisely meets your requirements.

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