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Natural Horse NZ and Natural Rider Bitless Bridles and Horsemanship Items

Thank you for visiting our website.

Please feel free to browse our online tack store, where we sell a wide range of horsemanship items, including "grass affects" equine supplements, halters, leads, reins, bitless bridles, natural equine remedies, barefoot hoof trimming tools, hoof boots and more.

We also share what we have learned about donkeys, ponies and horses over the many years of caring for a large group of rescue horses and helping thousands of horses in the community, which can be found in our

equine health and horsemanship articles.


Our team continues to care for a herd of special needs horses at our sanctuary that are an eclectic and loveable bunch of horses and donkeys of all sizes and breeds. We hope you will join us in our ongoing journey with them whilst you get to know them and enjoy watching their lovable antics during your time with us. 

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